Project Dharohar

It is an attempt to know and preserve our heritage.

DCM Schools take pride in the rich cultural legacy our great forefathers have left for us and consider it its prime duty to promote, preserve and safeguard it.

This programme aims at inculcating a sense of belonging and responsibility in the students for their town/state/country by imparting information about our rich legacy: our literature, art, monuments. Activities are planned for promotion of the idea. This project helps them understand the history, which will inculcate values of respect for diversity and tolerance. We prepare students for various exams, competitions by giving them knowledge about the past by conducting Excursions, Quizzes, Declamations, Exhibitions, Model/Poster Making, Slogan/ Essay/Writing, etc. Heritage walks in historical areas of cities, towns, World Heritage Sites are conducted. Nature walks, excursions to local parks, areas of bio-diversity, even agrarian sites are made. Small research projects for students that can be put up as mini-exhibitions/bulletin board displays on heritage related topics are carried out. Adopt-a-Monument ventures are implemented where students/heritage clubs adopt a local monument, clean up its environs, investigate its local and official history, study the monument and make drawings of its details as well as overall plan, understand the challenges in its conservation and upkeep and campaign for its preservation. Painting and drawing competitions for students are conducted at these heritage sites.