President’s Message

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” testimonial_cite=”Mrs Joanna McQuaid, Principal” cite=”President, ” enable_cite_customization=”true” cite_space_top=”30px”]We at DCM respect individuality. We believe that one should take pride in whatever it is, that makes you different. Individuality is what highlights you in the crowd. Our teaching pedagogies are also developed accordingly.

This educational option serves students in grades nursery to twelfth. DCM is an academic set-up centered on student motivation. It is our goal to place each student on a pathway to success.

We focus on academic development, high-calibre education, safe and supportive learning environments, and developing role models for educational reform. At DCM, every student’s progress and academic achievement is important to us. We ask that students and parents commit to working closely with our teachers. Our teachers are committed to providing a personalized and rigorous academic experience for each student.

The purpose of our approach is to foster competency among all our students.

Our curriculum is designed to teach students how to learn and not what to learn. In DCM, it is believed that this is the way in which students learn best—that students should be invited to investigate significant issues by formulating their own questions, designing their own inquiries, assessing the various means available to support their inquiries, and proceeding with research, experimentation, observation and analysis that will help them in finding their own responses to the issues.

DCM aims at developing a reflective personality. One is made competent to assess and understand their strengths and limitations in order to support their learning and personal development. In an increasingly dysfunctional world, we have a high regard for inculcation of skills such as thinking skills, social skills, communication skills, self management skills, research skills as these are the building blocks for an effective personality.[/stm_testimonials]

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